Whether it be the mountains, oceans, valleys, river and lakes or the creatures that inhabit them, Sarah and Jay love capturing them all. They have recently made the nail-biting transition from taking photos as a hobby/addiction, to tip-toeing slowly into the waters of professional photography.

Jay and Sarah combined their love of nature with their love for photography and amazing things happened. They love capturing the beauty in both portraits and landscapes, but their true passion lies with the landscapes and the amazing animals that inhabit them.

Sarah's interest in photography started with her first visit to the ghost town of Bodie in the Mammoth region of California. She shoots a Cannon 70D digital crop frame camera with little use for gadgets and fanfare. Sarah is known to be a bit camera shy and that's why you're more likely to find her behind one rather than in front of one. However, because of this, she has a special way of making one feel at ease and capturing one's true self, whether she is working with people or pets.

Jay's interest in photography was brought to life upon meeting Sarah. He is the Yin to Sarah's Yang and when he is not behind the camera, you'll find him setting up tripods, establishing lighting, or schlepping camera equipment to those hard to reach please that Sarah is famous for finding.