Day 5 and I'm still alive!

March 20, 2020  •  2 Comments

**If you're short on time, skip to the end and just read key take-aways**

I'm into day five of having the family at home, and guess what? We're all still alive. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the primary goal. Not homeschooling, not working, not worrying about toilet paper usage... it's keeping everyone here alive and healthy. If you don't 

In these times, it's important to focus on what really matters.

Are your children fed and loved? Check

Are you and your spouse/partner communicating ok? Hopefully check

Finding fun indoor and backyard activities to do as a family? Hopefully check

Are you doing everything in your power to abide by safe and sanitary health protocols? Check (if not, we need to talk and you'll need more than this blog to help you get by)

All the other worries (including if your bills will be paid) need to be silenced for right now. I truly believe in our governmental infrastructure and human kindness in general, enough so that these things will work themselves out. It's important to know that this pandemic is not just impacting you, we're all in the same boat. Granted our boats may have different colors, speeds, some may have oars while others have motors, but the structure and the sea are the same.  

Let's look at this not as social distancing, but more along the lines of physical distancing. I'm thankful we're in an age with internet, video calling, online purchasing, social media. I do think that this virus is doing one thing very well, and that is uniting us socially.

--With kiddos at home, especially while one is expected to be working full time, we've realized it really does take a village.

  • Nana (Aidan's grandma) Facetimed with Aidan (3yo) in his room. She had fun activities for him to do, and incorporated a lot of things he already had in his room with those activities. He stayed entertained for almost two hours (shocking for no in-person contact). There were some issues with him knocking the iPad closed, buffering (pauses in video) and such. But Jay and I had our phones on us during that time and Nana could text us if we needed to go up there to fix something. It was a lifesaver
  • The boys grandparents that live about 30 mins away are still visiting. Yes, I know this is not recommended, but it's important contact for them and for the boys. Aidan goes up to their house to play (it's five secluded acres) once a week, which is something he really needs. 
  • We still are having our nanny come for the twins 3 days a week and we may increase it to 3.5 days here soon. We feel comfortable with the safety precautions she's taking and she feels comfortable coming to our home. We'll utilize this as long as it lasts.

Here are some things I've learned:

  • I refuse to feel bad about allowing screen time right now. I monitor what he watches, and no, it's not all educational, but to maintain a level of sanity, screen time is a must for this working mom (and dad) to get things done throughout the day.
    • Most screen time happens on the iPad, in our office (see pic for current office set up with Aidan, Jay, our dog Finnley and me)
    • We just purchased these bluetooth headphones on Amazon* as he pulls at any headphone cords that are plugged into the iPad. These are nice because they also have a mic, so he can make FaceTime calls with family members any time he'd like.
  • So far my husband (Jay) and I can co-exist in the same work-office. This has actually made us better communicators about our work life. We take turns with the kiddos depending on our meeting schedule. If we don't have any meetings, we usually keep the twins in our office while Aidan can stay and play or wander about the house.
  • More about Jay's work and he's learned more about mine, which makes us appreciate the other a little bit more
  • Our oldest really does just want to be a part of things and feel like he's contributing/helping
  • We can co-exist in a super small office setting (refer to pic below)

That's all I have for now. All in all I think it's an ok start for my very first foray into the blog-o-sphere. Please feel free to post your comments/ideas/suggestions, invite others that you think would gain value from this content, or just drop me a line at [email protected]

Action Item for You: Please comment back with tv shows/movies/cartoons your kiddos like (and your kiddos age), as I'm sure we're all tired of seeing the same old thing, and there might be great shows out there that others don't know about (try to keep it to Amazon Prime, NetFlix or public access tv)

Stay safe, healthy and sane!


Key Take-Aways:

  • If you and your family are alive and healthy, you're doing Ah-Mazing!
  • Everyone of us is in the same boat right now, we will get through this together.
  • It takes a village. Think of ways to get grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of your kiddos that can't visit right now involved in some hi-tech way (FaceTime playdates, Skype)
  • You are not a horrible parent if you allow screen time (and no, it doesn't have to be only educational videos). At times, it may be the only way to maintain sanity (yours and theirs)
  • Think of purchasing kids bluetooth headphones* so your child can be with you in your home work environment and watch the iPad or other device, but not have the volume interfere with your work
  • Kids really do want to help and be a part of things. Think of creative ways to get them involved
    • Get a pad of paper and have them make a grocery list for you (even if they can't write) and have them come up with things to add to the list... this can results in some serious laughter
    • Have them sit on your lap and type an email (pull up a blank Word doc and just let them type)
    • Comment with other ideas you may have
  • Work with mommy facebook groups you already belong to or start one of your own to find ideas for tv shows, cartoons, movies all the kids like so you and your kiddo don't get stuck watching the same thing over and over again. Recommendations are key during this time

*I haven't actually received these headphones as of yet, so I'm not endorsing them at this time, the link is provided strictly for informational purposes. I encourage you to do your own research and choose the headphones that would work best for your kiddo(s) and are within your price range.


I've been working from home since November. It's worked, and my husband is a stay at home dad. So weve been co-existing fine. My challenge has been having noah home. I enjoy him being home, but with no school and a new puppy, it's difficult for him to understand that I'm actually working. I'm usually done by the time he gets home from school so all is good in our world. Plus he's 9, and not being able to play with friends, or go to the park behind our house, has his energy levels extremely high. We'll make it through. I'm trying really hard not to complain, because there are millions of people who are not as fortunate to be able to work from home, or work at ads all right now. I need to check myself often, when I complain that I only have 8 rolls of TP left, and not being able to get more. When others are worse off.
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Are you and your partner/spouse both working from home all while trying to parent one or more children? If so, then this blog is for you!

I'm not an expert with by any means, I don't have any parenting classes I took in school, I'm just a middle-aged mom of 3 young boys trying to survive this shelter in place without loosing my identity and sanity in the process.

I'm hoping this will become a place where we can share ideas, lessons learned and just be a place you can come during these crazy times to know you are not going through this craziness alone. 

About me: 

I'm a Marketing Manager for a mutual fund company based in CA. I've been married to my husband, Jay, for over 10 years and we have 3 sons: Aidan is 3, Conor and Colin (yes, identical twin boys) are 10 months.

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